Types Of Arthritis Surgery

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These tips will help you figure out what you are doing wring and how you should change it. Being cautious about your joints will make your life much simpler and comfortable.Arthritis is a common issue among many. There are various causes for it. Some are avoidable while some are not. Arthritis can be slowed down through various medications and exercises. But this won’t cure it fully. If you are someone who has already damaged joints then this article is for your. Serious joint damages caused due to arthritis will have to undergo critical medication like surgery. Here are the types of surgeries available.


Having a damaged, stiff, painful knee means our life is hugely barricaded. This issue can prevent us from performing simple tasks like picking up a small object from the floor or so. If your condition is serious, your doctor will suggest a knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement surgery can be divided into four main categories as total knee replacement, partial knee replacement, kneecap replacement and complex knee replacement. Depending on your situation your doctor will recommend the most suitable option. A knee replacement can last up to 20 years. So, you need not worry about this issue for such a period. 


A total hip replacement Gold Coast is considered after other methods fail. This surgery will removed your painful hip joint and replace it with an artificial one which is usually made out of either plastic or metal. Such a surgery requires more cautious than others. That is why it is important to select a reliable, well qualified and experienced surgeon. He/she will decide which method to perform, what needs to be done during and after the surgery. Usually, you will have to see a physical therapist after the surgery as a new exercise routine will be introduced. Also, you will have to avoid certain activities and tasks for sometime.

Hand and wrist

Having arthritis in a place like your hand or wrist is not very easy. We are used to perform tasks with the use of these specific parts. That is why it is possible for the arthritis to worsen in such areas. A right hand and wrist surgery will be performed if the case is serious. There are different types of such surgeries which will vary depending on your situation. The surgeries will provide you the opportunity to use these specific body parts as usual. Mentioned above are some very common types of surgeries available for arthritis. Arthritis can occur in various places but the hip area, knee and wrist and hands are more open to the damages caused by this issue. That is because these areas are facing for numerous activities and tasks everyday. Taking good care about your whole body is important.

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