From Where To Get Practitioner Only Products?

To visit a doctor and getting that appointment is not an easy task, especially if you are someone who is always on the go and you do not prioritize your own health before anything else. That doesn’t mean you have to skip on doctors and ignore your health. Keeping this in mind, you will always look for alternate options to treat your sickness or health. Here we advise you to check out XeniQ, an online prescription platform that saves you from all the hassle of getting an appointment and waiting in line for your turn. On the website, you can find the highest quality of medicines, drugs and supplements all meeting the standards that is required by your body.  

XeniQ has products and supplements that fall into the category of metagenics stockists , which means you can only check out those medicines or supplements if you have consulted a practitioner and shared your prescription with XeniQ or if you have consulted XeniQ’s dedicated healthcare practitioner. Once through, your medicines will be delivered to your home step.

Clarity on Practitioner Only Products:

Now often times you must have heard about practitioner only products, but you still get confused or do not have clarity of what exactly it is. These are the drugs that are registered under Australian Registration of Therapeutic Goods and are accessible through health care practitioners only. If you walk into any pharmacy or a retail market and try to buy a practitioner only product, they will only clear you for it once they have seen the doctor’s prescription. A practitioner only product is not limited to being a medicine only, now since that will create a confusion as to what you are consuming, we recommend you to always check the label of the product for a code. A medicine will have AUST R number written, and a practitioner only product with have quality orthoplex multiflora probiotics.

Now given again, how much of a hassle you may find yourself to be in, and think maybe getting an over the counter supplement will do the same job and fix your health, let us stop your thought process right here. No it will not. It is always preferred to go for a practitioner only product as they are backed up by entensive research, have met quality checks, and meet the required ISO standard criteria as well. Getting an off the shelf supplements will not guarantee you the same, reason being simple, there are just too many brand out in the market and you wouldn’t know which one to go for.

Check out XeniQ website and get yourself a practitioner consultation. The processes are designed in a way where you health and wellbeing comes first for XeniQ. You can always inquire for more information through their contact number or write to them.

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