Foods That Are Absolutely Horrible For Your Teeth

Sometimes the food that goes through our mouths are not those that we truly weigh the heathy or unhealthiness or the good or bad and just simply much down. But what we seem to fail to understand is that these choices are the ones that end up backfiring on our own selves. Here are some foods you need to avoid to maintain a healthy set of white teeth.


Candy in general is not the best things you should be snacking. However, those that are sour should be especially avoided when it comes to maintaining a lasting and strong set of teeth. Unlike other sweets sour candy has a lot of acids and preservatives that are too strong for your teeth. And though they might be your favorite kinds, what any dentist would recommend is to stay miles away from them. those that are chewy are even worse as they tend to stick to the stick and end up causing tooth decay that would finally leave you with less than 32 teeth or half your teeth covered in fillings! Visit this link for more info on dentist Gumdale,


Alcohol in general is something that is horrible on your body especially the liver and with teeth too alcohol is something you should be absolutely avoiding. The more you drink, the drier your mouth gets and not having enough saliva that moistens your mouth is only going to cause bad odor and spread of nasty bacteria that causes tooth decay. On the other hand, it is saliva that prevents foods from sticking on to your teeth as it washes it down to the esophagus, now imagine not having that? That’s right more teeth being removed in a straight appoint to the dental clinic centre.


Bread is also another food that tends to get stuck in between the gaps of the teeth thus causing decay. When you eat bread and once it is broken down in your mouth it ends up becoming all gummy and sticky making it easier to get stuck between those gaps. So either find carbs that down break down easily or make sure to brush your teeth well to get rid of those remnants stuck in each and every corner!


Chips that are crispy and filled with loads of preservatives is something that everyone likes. But did you know that in addition to being unhealthy they are also bad for your teeth? Like bread, chips too made of starch ends up breaking down to a gummy texture that easily gets stuck in between your teeth and this causes your teeth to decay. They could also cause plaque. So once you have gobble down a whole bag of these do make sure that you floss those teeth! Skip the above foods from your diet and guarantee a strong set of teeth for as long as possible!